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Secrets and advices

Do not economize when ordering tools - quality soldering iron, drill machine and other allows quality production. Real goal is not cheap, but convenient production. Your time cost is much more than materials and tools.

Do not hurry. Work with pleasure, and make quality products. Your goal is quality, not quantity. Once you developed good device, you can order industrial production if you need more items. Slower is faster, and rush is causing errors.

Target at result. Do not make whole device, split it into small parts. Debug one and then connect another part. You are not interested in studying for studying. Your studying happens in real development process.

Work leads to results, and each goal is holiday. You deserve reward for each success.

Increase your quality. Look at ready products and think whether you can do something better.

Think, repeating another products and examples. Try to find out what is good, and what can be better.

Share ideas. Somebody can solve task that is insouble at first glance. Together we can improve world.


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