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Power bus

IC power tracking are causing diffuculties - most of IC terminals are intended for signals and supposing straight tracks, but power terminals are always causing tracks intersection. To avoid this and save time, use power bus.

Factory bus and usage example

Factory produced bus is metal stamped and used for single power channel. Same bus can be easily made of copper clad sheets at home. Cut some stripes from sheet and then tin them.

Firstly, solder wire segments to power tracks on PCB, and then solder them to bus. 1 mm wire is enough, it can hold current up to 1 A. The bus can be also put on IC's top, but it reqires ICs to be mounted first. Bus allows convenient placement of suppressing capacitors between ICs cases.

Two-channel buses are made of two-sided copper clad sheets. Prefer thin sheets (no more than 1.0 mm), thick sheets are breaking if cut into slim stripes with shears. For easier work, leave at least 5 mm between two buses. Bus width should be 1 mm per 1 A of current, but at least 4 mm for cutting. ICs are mounted to PCB after bus.


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