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Arduino ISP programmer

This is standard Arduino programmer and it require much less experience than FTDI bitbang programmer. It is made of any Arduino board (including Nano) and allows you to program another Arduino board or Arduino-compatible Atmel MCU on breadboard. Breadboard circuit is made of 1k resistor and (if needed) 2 pcs 22 pF capacitors and 16 MHz crystal.

Arduino programming circuit

Breadboard programming circuit

First (master) Arduino is flashed with ArduinoISP sketch from examples. If you are using Arduino IDE 1.0 or older, find heertbeat() function of sketch and change delay(40) to delay(20) inside it. Then disconnect Arduino from USB, connect slave controller and connect USB.

Board type should match slave, i. e. if ArduinoISP is Atmega8 and you are flashing Atmega328, select 328. To flash, select File->Upload using programmer or press Ctrl+Shift+U. To burn bootloader, select Tools->Burn bootloader.


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