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Lotus flower


Lotus flower drive controlling unit. Flower has four petals, each of them is drived by motor. Drive is assebled from automotive window raiser mechanism. Standalone power, wireless control.

Technical solution

Arduino Duemilanove with Atmega328 microcontroller onboard is used as controlling device. TV remote used for control. Arduino board is supplied by battery of 8 NiMH 2700 mAh cells, drive motors are supplied by SLA automotive battery.



Circuit consists of IR receiver and two transistor keys, controlling drive motors via relays. Reversing relays have two contact groups. Move relay can have one group.

Power switch is needed only for Arduino.

Rectifier bridge is rated to sink current up to 60 A, K1 relay contacts are rated to 40 A. Reversing relays contact groups are rated to hold 10 A. Reversing relays coils are connected in parallel.

Photo illustrating first device version, supplied by Neda 6F22 battery. Relays ahe holding 20 A. The relays were changed to 40 A and NiMH cells used instead of 6F22 further.


Each flower petal is driven by window raiser with sector mechanism. Screw turnbuckles are used to adjust petals position.

Algorithm and Arduino sketch

After power on, device polls IR receiver and on appropriate IR code does action. Open command turns on move relay. Close command turns on reversing relays, and then move relay. There are two LEDs connected to one of motors in counter-parallel. Green means opening and red means closing. These LEDs allows operator to see actually whether the drive is operating or not.

On stop command is turned off move relay, then reversing relays. Also, 3 toggle codes are reserved for additional equipment, such as LED strips.

The sketch requires IRRemote library.

Arduino sketch
Download Arduino sketch - lotus.ino

IR codes taken from AverMedia TV receiver board. These codes can be changed in the sketch. The circuit has a disadvantage - no overcurrent protection. Operator should control petals position and press stop key manually. This disadvantage can be overcomed via limit switch or optical position sensor.



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