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6-channel TIP122 key with DMX receiver

Digital multiplex standard is used in light controllers. Receiver decodes differential RS485 signals and passes data to Arduino Rx. There are transistor keys onboard for small current loads (under 500 mA).

Channels - 6
Protocol - DMX512 (RS485)
Load voltage - 50 V DC
Load current - 0.5 A/channel
Dimensions - 70х35 mm



Keys can be used in either digital or PWM signal. To achieve more load current, transistos should be mounted on heat sinks.

parts list
SN75176 (MAX485) - 1
DIP-8 socket - 1
TIP122 (TIP120) - 6
1 k 0,125 W resistor - 6
10 R 0,25 W resistor - 2
0,1 uF ceramic capacitor - 1

PCB (copper side) [download dmx_r_6c.cdr]

* For laser printed PCB template, flip image horizontally or vertically

PCB (parts side)

There is DIP-8 socket onboard for easy RS485 transceiver replace in case of failure. C1 capacitor suppresses power surges on transceiver power supply.




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