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4-channel relay key

4-channel relay switch, up to 30V / 7A for DC load, up to 250V at 7A, 125V at 12A for AC load. For inductive or capacitive loads, provide snubbers such as RC circuit or TVS suppressing diode.

Channels - 4
Input current - 10 mA (TTL)
Load voltage - up to 250 V
Load current - up to 7 A/channel
Dimensions - 100х50 mm

Schematic (single channel)

Common relay contacts are connected. Copper on PCB can be cut to separate them if needed.

parts list
943-1C-12DS - 4
S8050 - 4
1,5 k 0,25 W resistor - 4
Rectifier diode - 4
0,22 uF ceramic capacitor - 2

PCB (copper side) [download 4_relay_c.cdr]

* For laser printed PCB template, flip image horizontally or vertically

PCB (copper side)

PCB (parts side)

Observe transistor terminals when mounting. KT315 can be replaced with S8050, but this require tracks altering - S8050 terminals order is EBC while KT315 terminals order is ECB. Also, observe diodes polarity. Cathode (marked by stripe) goes to +.

If 9, 12, 24 V power supply is used, install 943-1C-9DS, -12DS or -24DS relays instead of 943-1C-5DS. PCB tracking does not require any changes in this case.


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