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Arduino+Ehernet shield
Added vinyl PCB templates production method.

Scary forest eagle-owl LED eyes were designed for "Fire prince" spectacle. Controlled by TV IR remote, sketch brights LEDs up and then fading them out slowly.

DMX tester for DMX device repair and testing was finished. Tester have changeable DMX address and 6 control potentiometers.

DMX LED light with changeable address was successfully tested.

New details were added to tecnology advices.

According to Arduino ideas, all source codes are distributed for free. You can use it in non-commercial application if you had mentioned the autors.

Also, drawings and detailed modules descriptions are published. We had designed these modules for free usage.

Any of these modules or their PCB can be ordered by e-mail. Put desired amount and types in the letter.

Any order can include individual design of unique device. We can design ready to usage device from scratch. These devices can be used in theatrical, advertising, LED or any other applications.



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