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Frog chorus

Frogs are required by theater. Each of them is autonomous proxy, triggered by sound signal and generating another signal.

Signals are fully denied when bright light source is on, and less brightness increasing probability of signal generation. Frogs have also adjustable sound threshould, causing them to stop signal generation. Minimal pause between signals stay within 0.5 - 1 sec.

After triggering, frog becomes "deaf" and "blind", i. e. does no sound nor light sensors control. Signal level (volume of "quacking") increases with total signals level. Signals frequencies and levels of different frogs should differ. Also, there can be delay before signal, RGB LEDs in frog eyes.

Loud sound or bright flash of light causes frogs to interrupt signals for some time. Quacking frog lights green eyes and opening mouth.

Variant: another life form with light sensitivity - insects, fireflies etc. Advanced: ablilty to move or fly.

PS: well hidden frogs would be a good office prank!


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