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Accumulator power supply reversal protection

If anything can go wrong, it will. This Murphy's law is happen everywhere, and this simple device will protect your device from negative voltage reversal effects. Use bridge rectifier before power supply - this ensures the polarity to be right at all time.

Alternatively, you can use only one diode, but it prevents device operation in case of wrong polarity.

Maximum bridge current should exceed maximum device current. Best is 20-50% greater than device current. Less power bridges can be connected in parallel, but do not connect more than 3 components in these applications. If you need much more power, use more powerful electronic part. This restriction relates to all semiconductive devices, such as diodes, transistors, solid state relays and such. Advantage of circuit is simplicity, disadvantage - voltage drop (1 - 1.5 V depending on diodes type). These losses are inappropriate for portable and small devices.


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